Thank you all for ClimateExistence 2023! Please share your stories and photos

ClimateExistence 2023 has come to an end, but our work continues! CEMUS’ and the Sigtuna Foundation’s doors are as always open for new collaborations, suggestions and mysterious events, don’t be a stranger! We’ll see you next time, whenever that is …

If you written something, a story, summary or just a collection of photos you want to share with us and have published here, please send an email to or send a message to CEMUS in social media. Here’s what we have gathered and published so for, thank you all again for ClimateExistence 2023!

This page will be updated with more recordings, photos and texts as we get them ready and sent to us.

To Craft a Gift out of the Breaking of Our Hearts
On meeting Stephen Jenkinson – and the talk I gave in Sigtuna by Dougald Hine

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