A Night of Grief & Mystery with Stephen Jenkinson & Gregory Hoskins

We’re delighted to share the news that Stephen Jenkinson and Gregory Hoskins will join the ClimateExistence conference with a concert as part of A Night of Grief & Mystery 2023 World Tour!

If you have registered for the conference your ticket for the concert is included in the conference price, but the concert is also open to the public, so spread the word and let your friends and family know!

Read more here: https://orphanwisdom.com/event/nogmsigtuna/ …where the general public can buy tickets.

A Night of Grief & Mystery combines stories and observations by author/culture activist Stephen Jenkinson, drawn from his decades of work in palliative care, with original songs/sonics by recording artist Gregory Hoskins. These two Canadian artists have been exploring the intersection of their work for 8 years, across 3 continents, in 3 recordings and 2 short films. They come to the road now in 2023 as they did in the beginning: the two of them, a singer and a storyteller, out into the mystery days. The year will bring the pair to Israel ,USA, Scandinavia, UK/Scotland, Australia/New Zealand before travelling across our home country, Oh Canada.

Concerts for Turbulent Times they surely are. Not poets, maybe, but the evenings are poetic. The Nights are musical and grave and raucous and stilling, which probably means they are theatrical. Love letters to life are written and read aloud. There’s some boldness in them. They have that tone. These nights have the mark of our time upon them, and they’re timely, urgent, alert, steeped in mortal mystery. They’re quixotic. They have swagger. What would you call such a thing? They called it Nights of Grief & Mystery.