Welcome to the next ClimateExistence conference 2020 May 14-16 at the Sigtuna Foundation

Just how long the ecosystems of Earth will be thrown into flux and disarray from anthropogenic climate change also depends on how much more of that change we choose to engineer – and perhaps how much we can manage to undo. But warming at the level necessary to fully melt ice sheets and glaciers and elevate sea level by several hundred feet promises to initiate rolling, radically transformative changes on a timescale measured not in decades or centuries or even millennia, but in the millions of years. Alongside that timeline, the entire lifespan of human civilization is rendered, effectively, an afterthought; and the much longer span of climate change becomes eternity.David Wallace-Wells, 2019, The Uninhabitable Earth - Life After Warming, page 203

We have set a date for the next conference – May 14-16 and as before we will be at the Sigtuna Foundation, warmly welcome!

The conference – ClimateExistence / KlimatExistens – has since 2008 brought together scholars, researchers, educators, artists, activists, students and the general public in an engaged discussion and dialogue concerning the existential, pshychological, philosophical and ethical dimensions of climate change / crisis / breakdown.

The ClimateExistence conference is a collaboration between the Sigtuna Foundation, the Centre for Environment and Development Studies, CEMUS at Uppsala University and SLU, and the Climate Change Leadership node at Uppsala University.

You can sign up via this link if you want to be notified when it will be possible to register for the conference and receive updates about the conference.


Video summary of ClimateExistence 2018