Call for Contributions

Deadline changed to februay 1st 2018

We encourage everyone interested to send in a contribution to the conference. This contribution can be in a variety of formats. Suggestions for art-installations, performances, poetry, workshops or more traditional academic papers are all welcome. If you have ideas you would like to share with us before the contribution deadline, we are very grateful for an e-mail with your thoughts.

At the conference we will focus on several different themes within the concept of ClimateExistence and the review committee will suggest where the accepted contributions might fit in. We aim at combining different kinds of contributions and merging categories. We are especially interested in the spaces, cracks and bridges between different disciplines and expressions to find new pathways in the shadow of Climate Change.

Some questions that we have been asking ourselves and that we invite you to explore are:

How can we (and who are we?) work for change towards a more just and sustainable future in the seemingly endless flood of “bad and/or ‘fake’ news” surrounding us today? What are the constructive potentials, and what are the potential problems, for democracy to handle challenges with a time-frame way beyond the next election?

How are the dominant ways of framing the interconnected challenges blinding us to what lies behind and affecting our individual and collective responses to them?

What perspectives, new or old, could set the stage for a more humble and safe trajectory for our species and the more-than-human-world on planet earth?

Send your contribution to no later than February 1st 2018. Your contribution should include name, contact information and a short description of who you are.

In addition to written material, feel free to include music files, videos, pictures or pictures of material if relevant. If you think the contribution file size is too large for e-mail, please let us know how we can access the material in other ways (link to webpage also works). A review committee will look at all the contributions and we will get back to you by mid-February. Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any questions.

Some possible angles or themes to approach ClimateExistence might be in the cloud or text below. However, these should not be seen as limitations or boundaries. Merging of categories as well as new themes and vantage points are very much welcome.

Power and agency in transitions//Emancipating pathways to sustainability//Citizenship, populism and pluralism//Coping & for whom//Melancholia and beyond hope//Existence and more than existing//Caring for humans & hospicing modernity//Critical perspectives on education and research//Decolonizing minds, education and practices//Undisciplined disciplines//Measuring the unmeasurable//From hands to head – embodied practices & learning//Climate Change and Time – Rapid Transformation and slow thinking and movement //More-than-human world//Art and meaning making//Fiction and futures – utopias, dystopias //from Retrotopias to biotopias