Test program

Tentative Conference program (a detailed programme will be available at the conference)

May 7 – Day 1. The Village

Time Program
10.00-11.00 Registration and morning coffee
11.00-11.30 Welcome to Climate Existence 2018!
Music, poetry and practicalities
11.30-12.30 Keynote #1: Vanessa Andreotti
12.30-13.30 Lunch
13.30-14.00 Plenary activity and introducing sessions and artists
14.00-15.30 Parallel Sessions
15.30-16.15 Coffee break
16.15-17.15 Short lecture and dialogue: The Science, Politics and Culture of Climate Change – Beyond a Climate of fear
Kevin Anderson – Reflections 10 years after the first ClimateExistence conference
Dialogue with contributors Jens Holm, Vanessa Andreotti, Anja Fjellgren Walkeapää and Kevin Anderson
17.15-18.30 Pre-Dinner Program
Sauna from 17.15
Open mike in Rosensalen (with scientific performance by Marie Kvarnström and Åsa Fahlman)
An Ignatian and Ecological Review of the Day – Meditation led by Rev Dr Anna Karin Hammar in Kryptan from 17.30 (be on time)
18.30-20.00 Vegan dinner
From 20.30 Evening Program
Conversation and readings from poet Mary Olivier work by Anita Goldman and Marika Lagerkrantz accompanied by Dan-Erik Sahlberg (music)
After the above: Open mike in Rosensalen

May 8 – Day 2: Into the Forrest

Time Program
8.30-9.00 Morning Perspectives
Music by Hayahm
9.00-10.15 Keynote #2 and #3:
Jan van Boeckel
Music by Garland
Mikael Kurkiala
10.15-10.45 Coffee break
10.45-12.15 Parallel Sessions
12.15-13.30 Lunch
13.30-14.30 Dialogue: 10-TAL with Jonna Bornemark and Jonas Gren
14.30-15.00 Artistic contribution: Dance performance Emelie Empo Enlund and friends
15.00-15.30 Coffee break
15.30-17.00 Parallel sessions
17.00-18.30 Pre-dinner program
Sauna from 17.15
Open Mike in Rosensalen
18.30-20.30 Vegetarian banquet dinner
From 20.30 Evening Program
20. 45 Concert by Garland in the chapel
Open Mike from 21.45
21.45 Musical Ritual with Christine Cooper

May 9 – Day 3: Movement and Maps

Time Program
8.30-9.15 Morning Perspectives: Renee Aron Lertzman
9.15-10.00 Mini-Keynotes: Movement and maps– told and untold stories of the future
10.00-10.30 Coffee break
10.30-11.00 Artistic contribution: Music and storytelling by Christine Cooper
11.00-12.00 Panel Dialogue: 10 years from now
12.00-12.30 Concluding remarks
12.30-13.30 Lunch