Guests & Contributors ClimateExistence 2018

Guest and contributors will be posted as they are confirmed.

Kevin Anderson [Visiting Professor in Climate Change Leadership Uppsala University and Professor of Energy and Climate Change University of Manchester – UK & Sweden]

Kevin Anderson is the second visiting professor in climate change leadership at Uppsala University and one of the leading climate scientists in the U.K. He is Professor of Energy and Climate Change at the University of Manchester and Deputy Director at the renowned Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research. Kevin is a well-known and established researcher within climate change science who engages frequently with policy-makers, the private sector, civil society as well as the media. He has pioneered research on carbon budgets and pathways to acceptable mitigation levels. His work on the technical, social and economic interactions involved in the transformation of energy systems and the mitigation and adaptation to climate change, address questions at the core of the professorship’s theme. Kevin is a prominent thinker, writer and communicator who currently building on and expanding the work of the first visiting professor in climate change leadership, Doreen Stabinsky.

Jan van Boeckel [Artist-educator, Researcher and Film-maker – The Netherlands & Estonia]

janvanboeckelJan van Boeckel is a passionate artist-educator, engaged researcher and film-maker. Currently, he is professor in art pedagogy at the Estonian Academy of Arts in Tallinn. Previously, Jan was program director in design theory at the Iceland Academy of the Arts in Reykjavik. Together with others, Jan established the international research group on arts-based environmental education at Aalto University, School of Arts, Design and Architecture in Helsinki. In 2013, he presented his doctoral thesis: At the Heart of Art and Earth. Educated as an anthropologist, one of Jan’s areas of interest and concern are the world-views and environmental philosophies of indigenous peoples. Together with film-making group ReRun Productions, he produced a series of documentaries on this theme, as well as films on philosophers such as Jacques Ellul and Arne Naess, who provide a critical analysis of the Western way of life. These films include, among others: The Earth is Crying (1987), It’s Killing the Clouds (1992), The Betrayal by Technology (1992), and The Call of the Mountain (1997). and

Garland [Musician and Artist – Sweden]

In my music project Garland, I work with mixing organic sounds and digital tools, mainly by live-sampling the viola, percussion and voice. A key factor in the live-sampling performance is the possibility for the audience to trace the growth of the arrangement as it develops, resulting in a mindful listening, hearing the details in the full arrangement. Also, the inevitable possibility of accidents and errors mean that such improvisations become part of the composition. Lyrically, while the project often touches on personal topics of relationships, it also reflects my concerns as a human being in a world where image is becoming more important than identity, and where the same old stories abound, while stories about our interdependence and common fate are more or less neglected.

Jonas Gren [Poet, Journalist and Scholar – Sweden]

Jonas Gren lives in Stockholm. Author of three books of poetry in Swedish (partly translated to English): Antropocen/ Anthropocene (in press, 2016), Överallt ska jag vara i centrum/ Everywhere I shall be in the centre, (2015), and Lantmäteriet/Land Survey (2014). Jonas is a journalist at Klimatmagasinet Efekt, a Swedish magazine on climate change and society, and a Master student at Stockholm Resilience Center, focusing on narratives in the Anthropocene.

Dougald Hine [Writer, Dark Mountain Project – SWEDEN & UK]

dougaldhineI’m a writer who gets easily distracted. I sometimes start organisations as a way to avoid finishing books. I grew up in Darlington, worked as a radio journalist in Sheffield, got dragged to London by an internet startup and was eventually rescued by a Swedish woman who I met at a festival in the middle of the forest. These days, I spend part of my time working with Riksteatern, the Swedish national theatre, as leader of artistic and audience development. I also help run Dark Mountain, the journal and network that Paul Kingsnorth and I started in 2009.

Renee Lertzman [Climate, Energy and Environment Consultant, Engagement Strategist, Researcher – US]

Having pioneered the bridging of psychological research and sustainability for more 20 years, Dr. Renee Lertzman gracefully marries the worlds of academia and practice. She does this by translating complex psychological and social science research insights into clear, applied and profound tools for organizations around the world seeking to engage, mobilize and connect with diverse populations, communities and individuals. Her unique and integrated approach brings together the best of the behavioral sciences, social sciences and innovative design sciences to create a powerful approach to engagement and social change. Renee is an internationally recognized thought leader and adviser, and works with organizations, professionals, and practitioners from government, business, philanthropic, and non-governmental sectors to design research tools, brand strategy, trainings, workshops, engagement practices, and strategies suited for the uniquely challenging nature of environmental work.

Mikael Kurkiala [Author and Researcher, the Swedish Church, Associate Professor of Cultural Anthropology at Uppsala University – Sweden]

Mikael Kurkiala is an Associate Professor of Cultural Anthropology at Uppsala University and earned his Ph.D. with a thesis on the Oglala Lakota people on the Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota. He has also been active in the debate on honor related violence. Kurkiala is the author of two books and has participated in several anthologies on existential issues in contemporary society. Today he is a researcher at the Central Church office where he acts, among other things, as the editor for the annually published publication Signs of the Times (Artos).

Pella Thiel [Educator and Activist – Sweden]

Ecologist by training, changemaker and cultural creative by trade, Pella Thiel has a diverse experience as a nature interpreter and environmental activist. She has co-founded End Ecocide Sweden and Transition Network Sweden and writes, speaks and teaches on issues related to transition, ecopsychology and human relationships with nature. Pella is also a member of UN Harmony with Nature Knowledge Initiative and mostly likes practising permaculture on her family farm in Stockholm archipelago.