Videos and documentation 2016

Videos, media coverage, presentations and other documentation from Climate Existence 2016

The full program can be found here. More pictures, short films and other documentation can also be found on the Live-updates conference page.


Keynote Address: ArtCOP21 – a global cultural movement on climate change, April 6
David Buckland, International Director, Cape Farewell.
Recording by Tamarack Media Cooperative,


Extreme Dialogue on Climate Existence, April 6
Eva Bakkeslett, artist, filmmaker and activist; Hans Liljenström, Professor of Biometrics at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Director of Agora for Biosystems; Andrea Nightingale, Professor and Chair of Rural Development in the Global South at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences; conversation hosted by Jakob Grandin, CEMUS.
Recording by Tamarack Media Cooperative,


Armchair conversation, April 7
David Abram, cultural ecologist, philosopher and writer; Dr. Antje Jackelén, Archbishop, Church of Sweden; Dougald Hine, Riksteatern and the Dark Mountain Project.

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Panel conversation: Looking back and moving forward – climate, existence and the power of engagement, April 8
Isabella Lövin, Swedish Minister for International Development Cooperation, journalist and writer; Lisa Färnström, theatre director currently working with the Swedish National Touring Theatre; Bengt Gustafsson, Professor in Astrophysics Uppsala University; Conversation host: Malin Östman, CEMUS.

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Keynote Address #2: Being able to see that things are hopeless and yet be determined to make them otherwise: Artistic engagement in an age of Climate fear
Jan van Boeckel, artist-educator, researcher and filmmaker

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De leder konstens gröna våg, SVT Nyheter Kultur

Kreativ Klimatfriktion, UNT Debatt

Tar större grepp om klimatfrågan, Sigtunabygden

Isbjörnar och pingviner inför klimatkonferens i Sigtuna, Sveriges Radio, P4 Uppland

Ärkebiskopen och biståndsministern till Climate Existence 2016 i Sigtuna

Ärkebiskopen och biståndsministern lyfter klimatfrågan på internationell konferens i Sigtuna

Blogs and reflections

En reflektion över Climate Existence, Pella Thiel, Transition Sweden

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